Individual Attention
We at Catalyst Chemistry Academy, guarantee the individual students right to seek answer to clear their doubts and help them come up to desired level of competence.

We train and teach the students the craftsmanship of sharpening their skills in enabling them to conceptualize, assimilate and communicate precisely to the point and thereby achieve top-notch levels in their respective examinations.

This interactive session is conducted uninterruptedly every day and students are encouraged to take fullest advantage of our laboured efforts.

This process has been evolved over a period of time with lot of hard work in the light of closely monitoring the progress of the students and the feedback of the parents, besides the outcome of our efforts, as reflected in the overall performance of the students in the examinations.

Keeping in view the concern of the parents we endeavour to communicate in all possible ways, viz. by way of sending the attendance card, the detailed performance reports- graphical analysis, as also the personal communication, so as to keep the parents updated about the progress of their wards.

Parents are invited to give their own impression about their wards and to have first hand assessment/account of the improvement and achievement contributed by the Academy towards the career building of their wards.

Learning is an on going process and we take pleasure in incorporating word of wisdom to the advantage of our students from whichever quarters it comes.
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