About Us
Dr. G.S Arora , M.Sc.(Hons.) Ph.D(P.U), the brain behind 'The Catalyst' Chemistry Academy has matured at an early age as an accomplished teacher very naturally while he watched his father, a celebrity in his own times in chemistry and who eventually retired as the Principal of Govt. College for Men, Chandigarh.
The dispensation and delivery of ideas in a format which brings home the most ticklish facets of chemistry is designed for the student who wants to register his place as front runner in a competitive examination aspiring for medicine / engineering etc. etc.

In a situation where a fraction of an error could push you down the ladder, it is the watchful eyes of the tutor whose efforts and counsel will be of critical help in fine tuning the skills to avoid such a fall. The experience, innovative ideas, level of commitment all assume meaning when the individual student gets personal attention and free flow of communication takes place as a routine practice.

The response of the students and the faith put in us by the parents is self assuring and heartening, therefore, a great sense of responsibility devolves upon us to come true to our reputation year after year.
This site is owned by Dr. GS Arora's Chemistry Academy. Contact - 0172-2614444, +91-94172-50250
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